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Starting and running a small business is hard. In many respects, it’s the hardest job on the planet. There are no rules, no guides, and often no directions.

Business owners know their industry, but running a business isn’t the same thing. The majority of small businesses that fail do so because the owners just can’t keep pushing anymore – they just get beaten and give up.

The good news is, business is a system. It’s been the same since the beginning of time, and while technology and methods of trade may have changed, the principles are still 100% the same as they were then. We aim to shed light on how to look after some of the more important parts of the business so it takes less out of the owner, and gives them a better chance of long-term success. Let’s be honest, we can all do with a little less stress in our lives.

So, here we present our guide to growing a small businesses: practical strategies, real-world case studies, essential tools, and tips for success in today’s competitive and evolving market.

Good luck.

The 5 PillarS

Strategic Planning

Financial Management

Continuous Learning

Brand and Marketing

Networking and Relationships

We’ve broken business down into 5 key pillars. By looking after these in the right way, more of your energy can be directed into your products and services.

Written by Analysts

Backed by years of analytical and mentoring experience in the small and medium business sectors.

Real world results

Based on market trends, case studies, financial analysis, surveys, and expert interviews with business owners.

What’s inside?

Practical Guidance for Entrepreneurs: Many entrepreneurs, especially those starting or running small businesses, seek practical and actionable advice. This book provides real-world strategies and tools, helping them to navigate the complexities of establishing and growing a business.

Inspiration and Motivation: With case studies and insights into small business projects, get both a sense of what’s possible and encouragement  to pursue your own business aspirations.

Personalization and Niche Focus: Small businesses often succeed by carving out a niche. The book makes suggestions on how to find their niche and personalize their services or products to stand out.

Tailored for Small Business Needs: Many business books focus on large corporations, leaving a gap in resources specifically tailored for small businesses. We focus on this niche to provide more relevant and relatable content for small business owners, who often feel overwhelmed by strategies designed for larger entities.

Overcoming Specific Challenges: Small businesses face unique challenges, like budget constraints, limited staffing, and intense competition. This book tries to address some of these challenges with strategies and advice to the small business owner.

Adaptation to Market Changes: The business landscape, particularly for small businesses, is ever-evolving. The book can offer insights into adapting to market changes, digital transformation, and staying relevant in a competitive environment.

Realistic and Achievable Goals: Small businesses typically operate with limited resources. This book helps in setting realistic and achievable goals within these constraints, focusing on creative solutions and efficiency.

Understanding Customer Needs: For small businesses looking to grow, understanding and meeting customer needs is crucial. Gain insights into building strong customer relationships and creating a loyal customer base.

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"Real Help for My Shop"

“The advice was just what I needed for my hardware store. Straight to the point and it worked. Our sales are up thanks to these tips.”

Mike Nguyen @ TRADE Hardware

"Practical Tips That Work"

“The strategies I got were easy to put into action. Our team is doing better work now, and our customers notice it.”

Carlos Adams @ Southside Landscaping

"Turned My Business Around"

“The advice on leveraging social media to boost online sales was a lifesaver. Since I implemented your suggestions, our online presence has grown, and so have our sales. The strategies were simple yet innovative, perfect for someone like me who’s more artist than marketer.”

Derek Simmons @ Simmons Captures

"Revolutionized My Carpentry Business"

“The guidance on managing small project teams completely changed how we operate at Clark’s. Our projects are now more efficient and client satisfaction has soared. The tips were straightforward and incredibly effective.”

Tom Clark @ Clarkbuild

"A load off my mind."

“Having help to manage the nightmare it was becoming made all the difference to my choosing to continue running the business. Implementing online tools and utilising the advice in the book has made things a lot clearer for me.”

Beverly Clarence @ Better Health

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